Infant Rooms:

Alpha Christian Academy has two infant rooms.   The first room cares for the youngest infants.   The second room is for the older infants that are starting to move, crawl, and explore.

Your infant changes daily and we are here to assist in their development.   We send home daily sheets to enable you to keep informed on your child's daily intake, output, progress and needs.   Our staff spends time with each infant bonding, cuddling, rocking and singing.   And of course, each infant has his/her own individual crib.  

Since all babies need "tummy time," parents are required to put shoe protectors on or take off their shoes so we can keep a "clean zone for the infants."

To make your life easier, we supply the diaper wipes and one type of formula.   All you need to bring is diapers, bottles, baby food and a change of clothing.   Once your child is on table food, he or she will be able to enjoy our cook's delicious home-cooked meals.

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