Alphaville Curriculum

The curriculum was developed exclusively for Alpha Academy by a certified early childhood educator.  The curriculum incorporated developmentally appropriate practices with social, emotional, and educational skills.  The Academy understands that children learn best when they are actively engaged.  The curriculum enables children to succeed in school as well as throughout life.

Starting with the tiniest infants, we enable your baby to feel secure with our highly trained staff, building strong bonds and knowledge through play.  As your child grows and becomes mobile, our classrooms and curriculum advance.  Each of our classrooms are individually designed and engineered to enable the best possible education.

We know that learning is all around - and we take advantage of that.  Children learn best when they are engaged and interested, and what better way to do that than to have fun while learning?

"Play with a purpose" guides our unique age-specific programs and curricula, each designed to move your child ahead developmentally, intellectually and socially in an environment that's warm, nurturing, and fun.  And, of course, school readiness is a main goal for all of our programs.
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